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08 Jul 2020
Across the UK, participatory arts organisations are working deeply embedded in their communities. This is long-term, rooted and socially relevant […]
03 Jul 2020
Written by Daniella Sanderson   I have had the privilege of working with Doorstep Arts since September 2019, assisting in […]
01 Jul 2020
Post written by: Erin Walcon On Tuesday 23 June, after 14 weeks of lockdown and digital sessions, we had our […]
22 May 2020
Written by Dan Armstrong Supported by Polly Ferguson-Carruthers Welcome to Dan Armstrong journey during his time with Doorstep Arts. Dan […]
19 May 2020
Written by: Polly Anna Ferguson-Carruthers I have contemplated several blog posts during lockdown. Each varying from frustration as a theatre […]
06 May 2020
Written by Laura Forster. Composer, Musician and Music Facilitator.   This might seem like a strange thing to write about […]
17 Apr 2020
Post written by: Erin Walcon On Friday 28 February, we took a road trip to London. Looking back, now that […]