Primary Schools

Primary schools in Torbay and Devon can get involved with our Open Doors Outreach programme through these key offers:



A theatre education program led by experienced visiting specialists, which uses active learning to support the PSHE curriculum. This program supports early intervention by increasing knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing in young people.

It reduces stigma and improves awareness of self-resilience and coping strategies, using drama as a tool for engaging students and rehearsing skills. It cultivates a safe learning environment for participants to understand and connect with their emotions through drama and creative practice.

This programme could also be financed by your Pupil Premium funding and used as part of your PP package / provision.

Available as a 3-session Foundation Course or a 6-session Full Course.

Themes & Curriculum Connections:
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing (PSHE)
  • Transition Support
  • Solving Conflict / Friendship Challenges
  • Living in the Wider World (PSHE)
Visit our Theatre of The Mind KS2 page here.
Email to learn more / to request a residency at your school.




  • Touring Theatre Shows:

Doorstep regularly programmes touring theatre performances in Torbay schools. Previous touring companies for primary performance have included PaddleBoat Theatre Company (pictured), Running Dog Theatre, Lens Flayre Company, Polarbear, and many others.

Email to find out more or to express interest in your school being a recipient.




  • After-School Drama Clubs:

Where possible, Doorstep can help to provide schools with a professional Teaching Artist to deliver a weekly after-school drama club. In some instances, we can work alongside an existing staff member to support their drama skills, providing curriculum ideas, games, exercises, CPD and additional support to enable them to develop their practice and run the provision long-term.

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Artists in Residence programmes:

Doorstep regularly partners with Torbay schools to provide artists-in-residence who work long-term at the school, during the school day, to support curriculum via arts methods, support activated learning and targeted work for particular students. These longer term residency programmes provide innovative models of arts-in-the-curriculum.

Email to find out more or to request a residency at your school.