How can we help you?


5 Steps to Signing Up to Doorstep Arts

See our handy guide to becoming part of the Doorstep family!


What groups does Doorstep Arts run?

Find out all about our range of groups on our Take Part page.


How do I register my child for a group?

You can register your child or young person for our groups by completing our termly registration forms. You can find these forms at the bottom of each Take Part page.


My child is __yrs old, what groups can they attend?

Each group has a clear age guidance. If you would like to discuss your child staying down or moving up an age group you can contact your current group’s Lead Artist.


My child has a disability or additional needs, can they access these groups?

Our groups are inclusive and open to everyone. You can contact your group’s Lead Artists to have a more in-depth discussion about a young person’s needs or behaviours.


When does ___ group start?

Keep track of term dates with our Doorstep Calendar.


Can I book a trial session?

Trial sessions are available, these can be arranged by contacting the Lead Artist of whichever group you are interested in. (Contact details can be found on each group’s Take Part page.)


Have you received my Registration Form submission?

When you completed your registration form you should have received a receipt with a summary of your answers. You will also receive a confirmation email from the Lead Artists of the group. The artists will inform you about location, time, key dates for the diary, what to bring and the theme for the term.


Have you received my payment?

Once we have received your payment you will receive a confirmation/thank you email from Marie.

Marie, our finance wizard, can help with all things payments. Email: admin@doorsteparts.co.uk.

Groups at a Glance


DYT / Doorstep Youth Theatre (Mondays, 7-9pm)

Ages 14-20

Location: Stage Left, Palace Theatre Paignton

Lead Artists: Sam Parker & Helen Gilbert

Emails: sam@doorsteparts.co.uk & helen@doorsteparts.co.uk


DAS / Doorstep Arts Studio Courses (Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 6-8.30pm)

Ages 7-11 (Tues & Weds Juniors) 6-7pm

Ages 11-14 (Tues Seniors) 7.15-8.30pm

Ages 14-20 (Weds Seniors) 7.15-8.30pm

Location: Stage Left, Palace Theatre Paignton

Lead Artist: Polly Ferguson-Carruthers

Email: polly@doorsteparts.co.uk


Saturday Drama (Saturdays, 9.15-12pm)

Ages 3-6 (Little Doorstep) 9.15-10am

Ages 7-16 (Sat Drama) 10.30-12pm

Location: St Mary Magdalene Church Hall, Torquay

Lead Artist: Natasha Brown

Email: natasha@doorsteparts.co.uk