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25 Oct 2016
We’re about to walk into the next Doorstep Theatre festival this week. This is our 7th season, and it feels […]
25 Apr 2016
The Doorstep Theatre festival just finished up a couple of weeks ago and this was a very important one – […]
15 Feb 2016
The Doorstep Arts team is getting ready for some big (ish) changes in the next month or two. We’re slowly […]
02 Feb 2016
The Doorstep Arts team is in the midst of some big transitions at the moment. Some of those are physical […]
16 Nov 2015
This blog post was written by Hugh Malyon, a 20-year old Paignton-based emerging artist who worked with Doorstep Arts on […]
13 Nov 2015
We’ve just finished a very busy touring week, taking Grit around Torbay area schools, performing to year 6 & 7 audiences. We […]
03 Aug 2015
We’ve just finished a 3-day intensive in the studio*… our first 3 days working on Grit with the company. (*And by […]