29 Nov 2023

DAS Tues Juniors (28 November 2023)

Celebrating the end of term sharing for Doorstep Arts Studio Course Tuesday Juniors group.

The Tuesday DAS Juniors created an original piece of musical theatre called ‘It’s Christmas, what could go rong?’. They devised scenes around what silly things could happen in the North Pole, sang solos to the well loved song ‘ Wouldn’t it be Lovely’, from My Fair Lady and each week came up with ideas to place the piece together.


Young people have such a remarkable ability to rise to different challenges, whether that be overcoming their own fears of socialising in a new group or performing on a stage to family members. We pride ourselves at Doorstep to ensure that young people know that our team are there to help them on their journey and we hope to tease out the spark in each of them.


This was a beautiful, full energy show,  allowed children to show their loved ones just how wonderful each and everyone of them are. Incredibly proud of all of you. Well done.