Torquay Museum

Saturday 23rd March 1:00pm


Eddie, Katie, and Ashleigh share something in common. They each have dreams that seem too far out of reach for them. They each care, and deeply, for their families. They each have a very special job to do that not many others know about: they are young carers.

When fate brings them to their local library at the same time and on the same day, their current lives fueled by routine are suddenly thrown into chaos, as they fall headfirst into a storybook. A storybook that takes them to the magical land of Opus!



The venue is accessible for wheelchair users and people with mobility scooters, pushchairs and buggies.  



Torquay Museum has accessible toilets and baby changing facilities. 



Use of cameras, recording equipment and mobile telephones is strictly prohibited during the performance.


If you have any other questions or requirements please contact