History Repeats

Price: Free

Last summer a group of 11 – 20 year olds dressed as cabbage farmers took to the streets of Torbay to hand out cabbage seeds, dance and play music. Working together over the course of a turbulent year, the young performers from Doorstep Arts have now written and recorded an original concept album – History Repeats

Inspired by ‘absent or silent protests’ from history, including those of the Paignton cabbage farmers, the Heritage Lottery funded project sought to contextualise current global protests by exploring historical patterns of protest and rebellion in South Devon and Torbay.

Originally intended to be a live stage production, the young people had to adapt again and again due to Covid-19 restrictions, rehearsing outside in small groups in the summer, going into a recording studio one at a time, and writing a script together from home. The resulting album was created via Zoom sessions and socially distanced rehearsals. All of the music, dialogue and sound effects were recorded from home by the young people and facilitators at Doorstep Arts.

Doorstep Arts, a non-profit organisation based in Torbay, has provided the young participants with a creative outlet and a sense of community during these challenging times. The project has highlighted the importance of arts participation and engagement for young people in times of adversity.

The finished album tells the story of a young cabbage farmer who finds her voice and lights the flame of rebellion in her local community. As well as the final album, the group of young creatives organised street performances, co-ordinated guerrilla cabbage growing and recorded a series of podcasts and videos which have been shared online, exploring contemporary protest movements like climate justice and Black Lives Matter.

The album, History Repeats, is now available via all popular streaming services. For more information visit: cabbagerebellion.co.uk