Live projects at the moment include:


Co-Creating Change Exchange with Nairobi: 3 Stones


We are part of the Co-Creating Change Network and the key part of this is how we Co-Create CHANGE in our community of Torbay.  We approach all of our work through three deep foundational principles:
– Social Justice
– Dialogic Pedagogy
– Storytelling Praxis and Practice

John Namai is a Nairobi based storyteller working predominantly with children and young people as a participatory story teller. Through observation and the sharing of stories and games internationally between young people, we will be sharing and collaborating across our two localities which each bring distinct cultures, skills and knowledge.

Through 2021, participatory, story & performance artists and community leaders will share practice, with time for their own creative collaboration & exchange. Our partnership is keen to investigate issues faced by young people in each community and the ‘altered reality’ we are now living in – considering the power of autobiographical narrative & performance, integrating appreciation of one’s own heritage and culture, addressing retrogressive cultural norms, appreciating the stories and contributions from other cultures.


Climate Change AHRC Project

Increasingly evident are the benefits ofarts-based projects in bringing about the kinds ofc ultural change needed to tackle climate change. This project will work specifically with the Senior Studio Group of 14-18 year olds from Doorstep Arts, Torbay(DAS) and additional participants from Doorstep’s Youth Theatre (DYT) to explore research into theatre and performance’s contribution to understanding climate change as cultural, running alongside COP 26. The projectseeks to tether the expertise of Doorstep Arts in the facilitation of youth musical theatre performance and the University of Exeter’s research in arts-based approaches to climate change.

During four weekly sessions the DAS young people will participate in practice-based musical theatre workshops focussed on representations of weather and climate, facilitated by Polly Ferguson and Evelyn O’Malley.  As a bridge activity during half term, the young people will participate in a workshop led by undergraduates on Exeter’s Theatre for a Changing Climate module, offering them an opportunity to encounter theatre practice as studied at University.

For the second half of the term the young people will devise and perform their own climate change musical, including script-writing, choreography and composition. They will consult with the Met Office’s Stott and Ligginsas part of the process, tracking the progress of COP26. A performance will take place for an invited audience at the PalaceTheatre, Paignton in December. Elements of the work will also be shared with awider public audience at the Paignton Lantern Procession!


Theatre of the Mind

In 2018-19, Doorstep Co-Director Jade Campbell and Associate Artist Becky Dobson worked at Brixham College over a year in a long term residency model to pilot an innovative new programme. The sessions supported Year 8 pupils in their PSHE courses, supporting the development of positive mental health, wellbeing, and awareness. The sessions use Boal and Forum Theatre drama techniques to rehearse tactics, coping strategies and communication skills linked to positive mental health cultivation.

This programme is now available for other schools, either as a 3 or a 6 week residency. Email or visit the Theatre of The Mind Page to find out more. You can also read our blog post about why theatre of The Mind is needed after the pandemic here.


Ragdoll Embodied Literacy Project

This project combines exciting StoryGenerator performances from professional visiting artists, where children see and hear wonderful tales from around the world, with a focus on developing their own abilities as authors. The stories they create are brought to life as they are acted out by the whole class, and then reflected upon.

This process provides great motivation for the children to fulfil and surpass many National Curriculum requirements – particularly around listening, exploring ideas, language and vocabulary development, speech and communication, buildingin the ideas of others, narrative and role-play.


Producing Praxis

Thanks to support from the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation, Doorstep is embarking on a 2-year Action Research project which will explore project-based learning as a means to alternate progression routes for children and young people.

For an introduction to the need for this work, read this blog post by Erin.


Collaborative Touring Network

Did you know that we are a part of the Collaborative Touring Network?

CTN believes in the power and possibility of live performance.  Established in 2013, we are a collective of 8 organisations based in Wigan, Gloucester, Hull, Torbay, Thanet, Peterborough, Medway and Wandsworth. We work with artists and communities to make and tour life-affirming, soul-shaking, perspective-changing shows. Find out more here.


Protest & Rebellion

Placing current extinction/climate protests into long-term heritage context, this Heritage Lottery Fund project is making historical patterns of protest and rebellion in South Devon and Torbay more visible.

An ensemble of young people aged 14-20 is exploring past protest/rebellion in Torbay, devising an original musical production. The creative process is starting with historians and heritage organisations contributing and sharing source material. Drawing on this research, young people are working with the Doorstep team and visiting professionals to devise an original musical performance. This will be shared via small-scale outdoor events in August, and a socially-distanced outdoor & indoor performance in November 2020.

Click here to visit the Cabbage Rebellion website and explore some of the digital outcomes from this project!


Imagined Futures

Imagined Futures is a project that sets out to build a digital relationship between artists and young people from Doorstep Arts, specifically, Doorstep Youth Theatre in Torbay with Antyx Community Arts in Calgary. They are a company that uses the arts and community development processes to create opportunities for youth to become more engaged in their community and experience increased community connection.

The project involves myself, Jade Campbell from Doorstep, to travel to Calgary for 10 days and then 2 artists, Stephanie and Alia, from Antyx to travel to the UK and visit Torbay. This will involve CPD, skill shares, leading sessions with young people and observing artists from each respective company.

Imagined Futures was commissioned by New Conversations. New conversations is funded by British Council, the High Commission of Canada in the UK, and Farnham Maltings with support from Arts Council England.

For more info about Jade’s trip top Calgary, please see the following Blog posts:

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Please listen to the podcast we made in Calgary where we explored our
practice and how we engage young people in important dialogue through



Read more about our past projects HERE in our archive.