27 Mar 2017

Work Experience

Post written by: Hollie Uzzell and Aldwyn Abbott, work experience students

At Doorstep HQ, we absolutely love hosting work experience students. It’s one of the highlights of our year. In February, we welcomed Hollie and Al in for a week, to become part of the core Doorstep team. They were both absolutely brilliant – enthusiastic, up for anything, hard working, and a total pleasure to have round. We asked them to write up their week for us, and the following is their description, in their own words:

On Monday we did marketing for the upcoming festival. This gave us a real insight as to what Doorstep has to do behind the scenes.

On Tuesday we went to Exeter University with Erin and watched the students’ Theatre-in-Education pieces and gave them feedback. Then, in the evening, we helped Polly with the DAS groups which was so much fun.

On Wednesday, we distributed flyers and posters to local shops to advertise the upcoming festival. In the evening, we helped Polly with the DAS sessions which was great like Tuesday.

On Thursday, we had a creative task to do at home for Out of the Woods. We got a lot of freedom to do what we wanted and both came up with very different pieces of work.

On Friday, we helped Meg with the Choral Engineers and got to see a bit of the performance they were working on which was sounding amazing.

On Saturday, we helped Meg with Little Doorstep – all three drop-in groups.

This week has been incredible because we have done so many different things and everyone was very welcoming. It has really opened my eyes as I had never really thought about everything that goes on behind the scenes.