24 Apr 2019

Work Experience with Doorstep Arts

Work Experience: by Alice Dunham


Throughout my weeks work experience at Doorstep Arts I have learnt lots of valuable knowledge about running a theatre company. I have learnt the need for arts within the Torbay area and how Doorstep provides a sense of community for young people. I met various people involved with Doorstep who were all passionate about arts in Torbay and a great source of inspiration for young people.


On Monday I had my first initial meeting with Doorstep to understand in more detail what I would be doing throughout the week and who I would be working with. From this meeting I learnt about the need for Doorstep within the area and the positive impact it has on the community by creating opportunities for young people. I also helped out with Doorstep Youth theatre that evening who were working on their performance ‘Fishing for Dreams.’ This gave me the opportunity to see what they had been working on and give feedback where necessary. I loved the performance and the willingness of the performers to make me feel welcome and involved in the rehearsal process.


On Tuesday I helped the Doorstep Arts studio course who were rehearsing for ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ It was lovely to see the enthusiasm and excitement from the students who were all really committed and dedicated to the rehearsal process.


On Wednesday I assisted with Early Years drop in, which is a group for parents and their babies/ toddlers. This allowed parents to have the opportunity to meet other parents whilst their child makes friends. This group allows babies and toddlers to play and learn various skills that will help their development. I also assisted with Doorstep Arts Studio course with rehearsals for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ this helped me learn how different age groups are taught differently. But this also taught me how Doorstep have the ability to work together as one big cohort which demonstrates the close sense of community.


On Thursday I had the opportunity to go into Brixham college and shadow a workshop called ‘Theatre of The Mind’ which gets young people discussing mental health. I believe this is such an important workshop as it is important for young people to have a safe place to discuss mental health and understand their emotions. In the afternoon I was lucky enough to see a performance called ‘Now Is The Time To Say Nothing’ by Caroline Williams and Reem Karssli which explored life in Damascus as the war was going on. This performance was very touching and emotional I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to see this.


On Friday I worked with a group called Story Makers which gives young people with disabilities, autism, mental health needs or physical disabilities an opportunity to create and devise theatre. This is a great opportunity to develop performance skills and learn to collaboratively make theatre.


Also, on Friday and Saturday I had the opportunity to be front of house for the performance of ‘Kaleidoscope’ by Filskit Theatre. This performance was for babies and parents which gave me the opportunity to work with an audience I would not usually work with. I learnt how important organisational skills were to provide a smooth run of performances. This opportunity also gave me the chance to meet professionals within the industry who are currently touring.


I have really enjoyed my time with Doorstep and the lessons I have learnt will help further my career within the Arts. I have made many contacts and worked with some really passionate, inspiring people.