09 Jul 2015

Work Experience in London by Jay

This is a blog post from Jay, our work experience student, who was lucky enough to join us for the first two days of his work experience at the Battersea Arts Centre in London:

Over the past two days I have visited Battersea Arts Centre to discuss the schedule for the next festival and the performances that will be or might not be featured. The meetings that we attended were looking at the different performances that were avaliable with all the other people representing different regions of the UK.

The experience was not what I was expecting, we looked at each piece in depth and said who liked it and if they believe it will go down well in their region and would like to be featured in the next festival.

There was such a variety of performances, and without being in the meeting it’s hard to understand the effort that is put in to get the shows to Torbay. It was interesting and even though I looked very bored I was thinking about every aspect of each show, the good and the bad. It’s all made me realise how I am undecided if I want to pursue this as a career, the meetings were not all great since they are meetings, nothing exciting, but I enjoyed listening to others talk about what they liked and disliked and I like the whole concept of it, of getting to represent your home district, what you believe would fit and what other people would like and showing them that.