13 Jul 2015

Work experience by Jay

Jay experienced working at two of our participatory sessions last Wednesday and this is his new blog post in response to them:

On Wednesday I attended Little Doorstep and Juicy Pips with Michael Smith, to help with children and to run the sessions. Little Doorstep is a primary group working with children to devise work to perform to parents and I enjoyed working with them, even though they were very energetic. It was very helpful and productive with what I want to do in life. It seems like something I would like to do in my future career, teaching the future generations and adding to there abilities, to widen there choices of career paths when they come to it.

The children took a liking to me straight away, I think and they were very intrigued to know who I was and why I was there. I had to help with their rehearsal as they are performing next week; I really gained from the experience a lot.


After the session finished I went to Juicy Pips who are a secondary school group from year 7 to year 9 and they were performing a show for the parents that will be developed and then will perform at The Palace Theatre later on in the year.

There were some children with special needs that attended these sessions and it gave it a completely different vibe and scene. It was more calm and collective and gave me a good insight at helping and working with children with Special needs and I think again I’ve further gained from that experience.

The whole overall experience from Wednesday has given me a different view on everything from the times at Battersea – listening to the shows you think will fit into your district and wanting to show it to people. Wednesday – helping children that like drama. Helping them and getting to know them is an amazing experience for me, whatever my career might be. I have widely gained my knowledge of how to work with children and it has made me think about if it is something I would like to pursue possibly later on in my life.