Wanna Dance with Somebody

Monday 26th March 7:15pm, Arena Studio, Palace Theatre, Book a Ticket
Price: £5

Or, A Guide to Managing Social Anxiety Using Theoretical Physics


Josh is good at dancing, but not at people.

On the other hand he did once read  ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking so he reckons he’ll probably be alright.

Is the hokey cokey really what it’s all about?

Josh doesn’t know, but he’s damn well going to find out.

A new show about social anxiety, about coping mechanisms – about big ideas and how they impact on small things. About taking chances. And about dancing.

Mixing storytelling, live music and physical comedy: Running Dog Theatre create a show part physics lecture, part dance lesson and school disco.

“Extremely intelligent and heartfelt…words succumb to dancing” – Exeunt

“Strangers were united in their love of music and dance, releasing inhibitions. It was a fantastic feeling.” – Express & Echo

“A show that made everyone want to get up on their feet and dance” – IYAF

“brutally honest, sometimes heart-breaking, but always equalled out by his hilarious insight” – Bath Chronicle 

Also featuring You, Me & My Voice, an early sharing of a work in progress by Hugh Malyon.