Us Against The World

Friday 23rd February
Saturday 24th February, The Drum, TRP, Find Out More
Price: From £12.00
Ever been love-struck? We have. And it hurt.

This is about what happens behind closed doors when you love a little too much.
It is about the slippery slope between care and abuse, the colossal strength it takes to break free and the potential danger in doing so.

Us Against The World is an absurd and often funny reminder that the greatest betrayal is forgetting yourself.

Expect a riot of intoxicating dance-theatre, a very charming man, a much-loved chicken and a bit too much cake in this poetic portrayal of love gone wrong. (Based on the lived-experience of domestic abuse survivors).


Running time:
70 mins (approx.)

Age guideline:

Sensory notice & content flags

Themes of psychological domestic abuse/violence.