The Wild Visitor (Punchdrunk)

Friday 30th April
Price: Free
Ongoing Rediscover nature with the help of a special houseguest.

A Hoebble [pronounced hobble] is a guardian of the natural world. Whilst they are rarely spotted, these tiny creatures leave special markers so you can tell one is near: a pile of stones or their collected supplies of old spoons, leaves, and crumbs.

Hoebbles live quietly in nature, in a patch of grass, a park or deep in a forest. But sometimes they venture into our homes in search of supplies for their important work, giving nature a guiding hand. They’ll need your help to gather what they need, and be returned to their natural habitat.

Go on an imaginative adventure with your child: welcome a magical creature into your home and experience the outdoors in a new way.

The Wild Visitor is a free project for children aged 3-11 years old and their parents or carers to do together. It will be led by you in your home, and can involve a journey outdoors, if possible.

To find out if you have a Hoebble in your home, and how to help them, sign up the Punchdrunk mailing list and they’ll send you an email with instructions in return. You’ll be able to access a special project website including how-to videos and instructions.

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