The Parcel

Saturday 11th February 11:00am
Saturday 11th February 2:30pm, Paignton Library, Find Out More
Price: £7.50/£5 + Booking Fee

The Parcel  

By Daniel Jamieson 


A giant mysterious parcel has just arrived at Paignton Library and, as if that isn’t exciting enough, it soon becomes clear that two people live inside it! They travel around the world, deciding where to go by placing their finger on a map and posting themselves there. They have breathtaking stories to share of magnificent travels, friendships made and the many marvels of the postal service. But how did they come to live in this parcel? Why have they posted themselves here? And where are they off to next? 


Come along and meet this intriguing pair, they’ll even show you around their astonishing little home. From the outside it may look like a regular package, but once opened it transforms into something quite wondrous, and full of surprises… 


“See a Theatre Alibi production and the seed is sown, a theatre goer is born, a life enhanced” MICHAEL MORPURGO 


For 5 – 11 year olds 

Running time: 55 minutes 


Book your tickets at or in person at Paignton library.