The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly (Recorded video of live event)

Monday 31st August, Watch now
Price: Free

Sometimes it takes a girl-sized human to solve an adult-sized problem.

Peggy O’Hegarty and her parents are packers. They squeeze fruit into tins, foxes into boxes, even bikes into brown paper bags. And all the while Peggy sings with the voice of an angel – a grossly unfortunate angel, who can’t sing at all. But one day work stops working, and the jobs stop coming, and Peggy steps outside to find that winter has arrived… and everyone in her city has gone!

Ingenious performer Louis Lovett leads the audience on an untamed adventure that crosses snowy lands and wild seas. As Peggy desperately tries to save the day, we learn about love, loss, the reassurance of goats, and the courage to sing gloriously on or off-key.

Sydney Opera House presents The Girl who Forgot to Sing Badly by Finegan Kruckemeyer (Theatre Lovett, Dublin, Ireland)

Recommended for ages 6+. Recorded in The Studio, 2014