The Decolonial Salon presents: Here I Stand

Saturday 8th April 7:00pm, Studio 1, Dartington Trust, South Devon, Find Out More
Price: £15 including traditional Syrian buffet prepared by Iman Farwan

‘Here I stand’ is the title of Paul Robeson’s manifesto-memoir. We present a Remembrance Ode conceived for the 125th Anniversary of Robeson’s birth and inspired by his visit to Dartington. This experimental offering is stimulated by his  indomitable statement:
‘The artist must take sides. He must elect to fight for freedom or slavery. I have made my choice. I had no alternative.’ Paul Robeson 24th June 1937


For this offering we remember Paul Robeson, one of the great world renowned artist-fighters for justice of the 20th Century. He dedicated his art and life to the oneness of humankind and the liberation of his people, endured the cancel culture of the US Government for his pains and leaves us a sobering legacy.
The Decolonial Salon seeks to explore Aesthesis and Aesthetics residing in Diaspora Consciousness, share food and conversations. In this Remembrance Ode we will be dipping into African Diaspora Dance Theatre experimentation.

We will share insights into the creative output and life journeys of Exile Heritage Artists. Southern Narratives are our garden and putting flesh on silences is the raison d’être of my vocation as a storyteller.

This is a Story Circle that hopes to inspire re-imaginings of community as we cherish and learn from those who have lived, suffered and triumphed before us.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Patrice Naiambana
Initiator, Facilitator, African Performing Artist (Death in Paradise, Damsel, Criminal Record, Game of Thrones)

Harold George
Artistic Director of Dunia Dance Theatre, Award Winning Choreographer of ‘Making Men’ Dance Film.

Ric White
Live Sound Design, Sax and Flute

Paolo Forcellati
Highly talented percussionist, player and maker of Traditional African Instruments.


Dr. Walter Mignolo
Professor of Literature at Duke University

Dr. Rolando Vázquez
Assistant Professor of Sociology at University College Roosevelt

Dr. Francisco Carballo
Deputy Director of The Centre for Postcolonial Studies, Goldsmith University

Kwame Kwei-Armah OBE
Artistic Director of The Young Vic

Tassiana Tomé
Anthroplogist and Sociologist

Following the performance there will be a post show citizen interaction with online speakers.

*The traditional Syrian buffet is prepared by Iman Farwan and will be vegetarian.