The Dark (Peut-Être Theatre)

Wednesday 26th October, Studio 1, Dartington Trust, South Devon, Find Out More
Price: £10 | Under 16 £8 | Family Ticket £30.

Adapted from Lemony Snicket’s picture book, The Dark is a universal and empowering story about facing one’s fears.

Laszlo is afraid of the dark. The dark lives in the basement. It doesn’t visit Laszlo in his room. Until one night it does . . . Join Lazlo on his journey to meet the dark, and find out why it will never bother him again.

The Dark is accessible for blind and visually impaired children through integrated audio-description and touch tours.

A Touch Tour is available at 12pm to allow blind and partially sighted members of the audience to familiarise themselves with the design of the space, costumes and props ahead of the show itself. If your child is blind or partially sighted, we recommend that you attend the Touch Tour, and book onto the first showing of The Dark at 1pm. Second showing at 3pm.

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