The Bunker Cabaret

Sunday 17th July, Princess Gardens, Torquay
Tuesday 26th July, Exeter Quayside
Saturday 20th August, Torbay Children's Week, Paignton Green

Once, artists had to hide in the Bunker, away from a world where creativity and joy had been outlawed. But now, this ensemble of movers, makers and word-mongers have ventured out into the light, bringing their revolution with them on a mission to share their joy with everyone they can. They invite you to join the Bunker Cabaret – a travelling circus of movement, music, poetry and games. What does joy mean to you, and how can we work together to find it in a strange new world?

17 July – Princess Gardens, Torquay

(catch them between 10am – 1.30pm)

26 July – Exeter Quayside

(catch them between 10am – 1pm)

20 August – Torbay Children’s Week, Paignton Green

(catch them between 11am – 3.30pm)

*Please note that these are not specific performance times, but rather the hours they will be present at each event*


The Bunker Cabaret ensemble are Clare Parker, Tom Stockley, Maya Adams, Sonia Thakurdesai and Kane John Mills with contributions and support from Charice Bhardwaj, Verity Soley, Liam Bowles & James Carr from Drum Torbay.

Recently, the group worked with Doorstep Arts to collaborate with John Pfumojena for his show Bunker of Zion. Set in a world where music is forbidden, the Bunker is a joyful place, a defiant celebration of culture in a hostile world.

Now, the artists are continuing to collaborate to present a standalone performance inspired by their experiences – The Bunker Cabaret.

After meeting at various stages of the devising process to work together, the ensemble performed their initial work at the Spanish Barn in June. Now, they have come together once again to explore ideas of personal identity, culture, joy and memory in a world that can seem increasingly difficult to thrive in. These five artists bring their diverse backgrounds together to ask; what does joy mean to us?

The Bunker Cabaret has been written and devised collaboratively over the course of 2022, bringing together elements of dance, spoken word, music and physical theatre to create an everchanging collection of individual ideas and stories, weaved together as one.