Still Suspended

Sunday 30th May, Find out more
Price: FREE

This unapologetic, defiant and immersive experience, live to watch any time from 6pm on 30th April, has been created by Hugh Malyon, Steve Sowden and Jennifer Noice.

After so long without live theatre and art, we still can’t gather to experience culture together. The virtual landscape continues to explode with more and more content. With support from Turner Contemporary, we set out on a journey to imagine and create a digital work that explore ways to connect over the virtual noise.

STILL SUSPENDED is an original 30-minute film with immersive sound and experimental imagery (best heard through stereo headphones and with HD selected). It follows a twisted and knotty narrative of a disabled artist trying to create work within the layers of real, multiple restrictions and constrictions…

“ONE humble hour of exercise each day is essential. For Hugh, escaping the constant myriad of disinformation, cancellations and battles for care is becoming impossible. Loneliness, anxiety, the mundane repetitiveness of video calls, conflicting rules, mounting trauma – all this has jumbled his tired, restless brain. The reality of being a disabled artist is hitting home. Unable to be in the company of others creates a mind-numbing strain on Hugh’s imagination.

REAL, DREAM AND IMAGINED WORLDS begin to blur until the only thing that makes sense is nonsense. Hugh desperately searches for ways to reconnect above the virtual noise. Even with a perceived abundance of time, is it too late to escape?”


Hugh Malyon is a south-west based disabled artist, whose practice sits between the space of digital and live performance. He is a graduate of Doorstep Youth Theatre and a member of the Doorstep Advisory Board.

Parental discretion is advised. Still Suspended reflects the dark, raw, lonely and intense experiences felt by communities in an unapologetic fashion.