Spark and Grow Bursary: Open Call

Monday 30th September, Deadline for submissions

Stories from Scratch is Doorstep Arts’s original performance development programme. Our aim is to deepen the quality of work that is available for young audiences in Devon, and to provide progression support to exciting emerging artists regionally who are keen to grow their practice and make the leap to professional industry. We will provide support for exciting ideas for performance which honour children’s creative and critical potential, and for emerging artists who are making work which respects children & young people’s intelligence, capacity and active agency.

How does it work?

Doorstep Arts offers selected artists/companies the support to develop a piece of theatre for a young audience and to scratch it as a work in-progress for test audiences. This support comes in two forms:

Time, advice, mentorship and producing support from the Doorstep core team, to develop work and to prepare to scratch it for a test audience. Sometimes this advice can include guidance about how to apply for additional funding independently.

We also offer ‘Spark and Grow’ bursary pots, up to £400 each, which will be granted to exceptional proposals where work requires resource for travel costs, production design or touring. These bursaries are granted to work which show potential to move beyond scratch stage and into an extended life.

There is no set budget figure to the ‘Spark and Grow’ bursaries, as they are adaptable to each proposal and the requested budget submitted by the artists. The maximum figure that will be awarded to a company/artist is £400, but bursaries may be for smaller totals. Applications are considered on a rolling basis throughout the year with Open Call deadlines listed below.

And at the end of their development, the artists share their work with an invited audience who might have a hand in whatever happens next. We don’t ask that this work is finished, complete, or perfect. We do ask that this work celebrates artists’ big ideas.  It may be a scratch. It may be a presentation. It may be a workshop. It may be something entirely different that we haven’t thought of yet.

How to Apply

Stories from Scratch is a year-round programme and artists are invited to apply at key points in the year: April 2019, September 2019 and January 2019. The next deadline is Monday 30 Sept 2019 at 5pm. The application form is available here. Applications for the September deadline should be emailed to

If you have any questions regarding Stories from Scratch, or how you can watch or book the work that is being created, email lead producer Mair George –