Soundscreative Lab

Monday 1st August, Venue TBC, Dartington Trust, South Devon, Find Out More

11.30am – 1pm, Monday 1 – Wednesday 3 August 2022

Tara Franks leads a three-day intergenerational creative project for singers and instrumentalists, exploring tools for group making music in a relaxed environment. Each day will focus on a different creative skill from; rhythmic work in a percussion workshop, tools for improvisation using instruments & voices, and composing new music as a group from scratch. The group will be led through a process of exploration taking inspiration from their surroundings and Summer school theme of ‘Fire’.

No notation reading required for this course, participants just need to bring along their instruments

All ages welcome.

This new Summer school short course is perfect for locals/holiday makers –  bringing together big, small, aspiring and reconnecting musicians of all ages to create a Big&Small band.