Sealegs Puppet Theatre: Edward Lear’s Dream

Saturday 20th May 2:30pm, Auditorium, Teignmouth Pavilions, Find Out More
Price: £8.50
Open your mind and step inside Edward Lear’s brilliantly anarchic world of nonsense rhymes and limericks

Embrace the silliness, dive into a sea of words, an absurd alphabet soup of poppycock and gobbledygook…

Tired out from writing his famous Book of Nonsense, Edward falls asleep at his desk. As he dreams, he journeys through magical lands meeting a host of fantastical creatures along the way.

In Sea Legs’ 21st anniversary year production, meet celebrated Lear characters; the Quangle Wangle, the Jumblies and the legendary Owl and the Pussycat in the greatest literary love story since the Dish ran away with the Spoon.

Told with a cast of fabulous puppets, an innovative stage set and a brilliant new musical soundtrack featuring six new songs to Lear’s famous poems and limericks.

Ages 3+

All tickets £8.50