PaddleBoat Theatre Company: Framed! 

Friday 13th October 4:00pm, Brixham Library, Find Out More
Price: Child | £4 Adult | £7

The legendary detective Rufus Caper has had an astonishing career of solving crimes: Murders, mysteries, missing persons  – it’s all in a day’s work for Rufus and his trusty assistant. There’s only one villain Rufus has never managed to apprehend, Constance Shadows is the nemesis he’s been following his entire career. When Rufus receives a voicemail challenging him to catch Constance before she commits her next crime he can’t resist the opportunity – but soon the detective finds himself on the wrong side of the law, as a wanted man on the run.

Rufus finds himself in a tricky situation and needs your help to uncover the truth! PaddleBoat Theatre Company presents a thrilling family whodunnit with our distinctive fingerprints all over it! Expect music, puppetry, clowning and more. Come and help us catch the clues and spot the suspects before Rufus goes down for a crime he didn’t commit!

Show running time

1 hour

Recommended age