Kid Carpet and the Noisy Animals Totally Normal Christmas Party (online)

Wednesday 23rd December, Online, Book tickets
Price: FREE (pay what you can)

19-23 December

Pound Arts present a digital partnership with Kid Carpet and The Wardrobe Theatre, bringing a ridiculous, funny and wonky production to your homes this festive season for a Totally Normal Christmas Party.

Kid Carpet is organising a Christmas Party for The Noisy Animals and you’re all invited. We’ve been through a lot this year so why not have a bit of a blow out? Kid Carpet has dug out last year’s tree and found a piece of tinsel, Bear’s in training ready for the party games, Badger’s perfecting his famous mince pie recipe and Gorilla just wants to go raving. As long as he doesn’t go through the roof and Hedgehog doesn’t disappear it should all be lovely and totally normal.

With interactive games, real magic tricks, special celebrity guests and a high volume of silliness and stupidity this is going to be a party where we can all let our hair down. What could possibly go wrong? Join Kid Carpet on Zoom for a bit of a laugh with The Noisy Animals.


This is a pay what you can event, the suggestion is £10 per household, but if you need to pay nothing that is totally fine too, the most important thing is that you are there. | F @kidcarpet | T @KidCarpet