Tuesday 30th April 12:00am, Exeter Phoenix, Auditorium, Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS, Find out more
Price: £12 | £5 students

Experience the captivating world of NOISE, where vibrating soundscapes and mesmerising sound reactive visuals converge. Prepare to embark on a transformative adventure that challenges your perception and deepens your understanding of this universal theme. In this immersive production, you have the power to choose your own pathway, following the dancers as they delve into their personal connection with noise. Drawing inspiration from their own lived experiences, the performers navigate the complexities of communication in a society entrenched in ableism and heteronormativity.

Nua Dance invites you to explore the uncharted territories of your senses, pushing the boundaries of what is known and familiar. Through their evocative movements and innovative choreography, the dancers guide you through a landscape where noise becomes a conduit for profound introspection and liberation.

As you bear witness to this transcendent performance, you will be engulfed in an array of sensations. The pulsating vibrations of the soundscapes resonate within you, synchronising with the captivating visuals that respond in real-time to the soundscape. Together, these elements create an electrifying synergy that leaves you feeling alive, awakened, and invigorated.

Prepare to challenge your preconceptions and embrace the beauty found within the realm of noise. Nua Dance beckons you to join them on this extraordinary journey, where the transformative power of human connection awaits to be discovered. Join them for an inclusive and thought-provoking encounter that transcends traditional boundaries, celebrating diversity and individuality.


Age guidance: At least 11yrs+ (due to immersive nature and sound levels).

Captioned and Audio Described. Text version can also be seen in advance of the performance.

Running time: 50 mins

Promenade / Unseated