Doorstep Recommends: Margo and Mr Whatsit

Friday 31st May 12:00pm, The Lucky 7 Club, Tickets
Friday 31st May 3:00pm, The Lucky 7 Club, Tickets
Price: £12

Do you have an imaginary friend? A little piece of mischief only you can see?

Sophia’s imaginary friend is called Mr. Whatsit. No matter where Sophia finds herself living, he’s always there with a new joke to tell and a new game to play.

But when Sophia moves into her new foster home, Mr Whatsit finds himself unimagined! Now Sophia has a new imaginary friend – the glamourous, grown-up Margo.

Can Mr. Whatsit’s childish playfulness keep him from being unimagined for good? And with her imaginary friends competing against each other, will Sophia manage to find her forever home?

A delightful tale for small people, their friends and families. Interactive with clowning and music – this production from Paddleboat Theatre won Best Family Show at Brighton Fringe Festival 2018.

Perfect for ages 4+

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