Local Artists from the Global Majority Callout (Meet My Ancestors Project, John Pfumojena)

Doorstep Arts is involved in a number of projects in 2022 which aim to raise the visibility of work being made by artists from the Global Majority*. A touring project called ‘Meet My Ancestors’ drawing on Bantu/African multidisciplinary art forms will be led by the brilliant John Pfumojena (see image) as part of the Collaborative Touring Network, supported by local Associate Artist Clare Parker.

We are really interested in hearing from any artists from the Global Majority who want to make/ are already making work in the local area, so we can connect!


Please get in touch with sonia@doorsteparts.co.uk


* ‘Global Majority’ refers to people who have been racialised as ‘ethnic minorities’  and who make up 80% of the world’s population, including people of the African Diaspora, people of the South, East, and South East Asian diaspora, and Middle Eastern and North African people.