Life In Suspension #HangingAround

Saturday 4th July, Find out how to get involved

I don’t know about you, but during this lockdown I have a weird sense of… just ‘Hanging Around’… waiting or being suspended in time. It’s difficult to know how to, what to, when to… but I do know that staying colourful, creative and connected feels right. This film is just the start and it’s time for you to get involved! Everyone is welcome to share with us their unique responses (if under 18 parental consent is required). Let’s all get creative and reconnect!

‘Hanging Around’! Reconnect and let’s share! From the comfort of our own homes, from a safe distance, from an unprecedented stage, we will always have a chance to create together! ‘Hanging Around’ is a state of suspension we are all sharing – whether that is waiting for news, waiting for it to be safe, waiting to see each other again. So let’s share what we all have in common and some of our uniqueness too!

Let us know what you think of our video, get involved and collaborate! Send us your unique take on this feeling of suspension. Have you been perfecting a skill like Sophie’s juggling, or busying away in your garden like Jen, do you relate to Steve and walk miles playing songs and tuning instruments, or getting some much-needed housework complete like Hugh? Be part of this unique documentation of lockdown/social isolation!