Forest Day with Archery and Paddle Boat Theatre Production

Tuesday 25th July 9:30am, Forest and Beach, Find out more
Price: £35.00

Spend a day with Forest and Beach and Paddleboat Theatre Company! SAME PRICE as a Forest Day with a fantastic bonus treat!

Experience a day jam packed with outdoor activities such as archery, fire lighting, shelter building, crafts and drama workshops. The day will finish with Paddleboat Theatre Company performing ‘Margo & Mr Whatsit’ with the beautiful Start Bay as a backdrop

About the play

‘Margo & Mr. Whatsit’ is the third show from the award-winning PaddleBoat  Theatre Company. It was developed in creative collaboration with primary  schools in Devon, and combines innovative and surprising storytelling with  audience interaction, object play and clowning. 

It explores the themes of imagination, family, friendship and home, and tells  the story of a young girl and her imaginary friends as she settles into her new  foster home. Many of the schools we work in identified that their looked-after  children received little in the way of representation in stories and theatre, and  so we saw an opportunity to tell an untold story.

The show is ideal for a family audience and all of PaddleBoat’s performers are  skilled in making their work accessible for young audiences, inviting them into  the process of creating and sharing stories

“Paddleboat: Young, Energetic and Inventive”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian.

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Booking and Payment Terms and Conditions

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