The Fairytale Renaissance

Sunday 1st November, Online, Book your tickets
Price: £2 per household

The Fairy Tale Renaissance is an initiative aimed at positively challenging the notion that fairy tales are something to be abandoned in the nursery. These gutsy and spirited yarns, unbound by time and distance, are stuffed full of magic, mischief and abominable behaviour and manifest in countless versions and variants as they raise crucial questions about our relationship to ourselves, the natural world and the unexplainable. Storytelling by Chris Brooks.

Sunday Teatime Story Time – Rapunzel and Old Mother Frost

What better time than Sunday teatime for honouring the tradition of the family story, a hallowed time and space when the whole household can sit down together and be transported to realms of enchantment, adventure and disbelief?

For Ages 4 to 144.


Why we like it

Hugh Malyon, a member of our Advisory Board recommends Chris’ work saying ‘It was very sweet and a really good use of technology to engage families. Particularly good for 5 year olds!’