Doorstep Recommends: Vista

Thursday 12th September 10:00am
Price: FREE

12- 15 September during Torre Abbey opening hours (10-5)

Vista is a window to another place. Is that an escape, or a sanctuary? Or perhaps just a view afforded when we step back and see things – even ourselves – from a distance.

But what if that place we see is dysfunctional? What if it has been left to ruin? Who to speak to? What to do? Or maybe the dysfunction is also a rhythm and, if so, what rhythms do we live with?

Is this half-empty car park in Halifax, Nova Scotia – or Torquay? Are you the architect or the patient, the one that suffers or the healing hands? And where is nature? What environment are we responsible for?

Vista is an ambient walking tour that reflects upon such questions based on a series of interviews with health and planning professionals in Nova Scotia and Devon.

It begins when you download an app onto your phone. It can be taken alone or in small groups during Torre Abbey opening hours, 10-5pm. The journey begins at Torre Abbey.

Created by Zuppa Theatre and James Tyson. Written and devised with Kate Cayley and Andrew Burke.

‘They are always smart, interesting and entertaining, and they always challenge the company and the audience to look at things differently, to feel something new, to imagine another reality.’ – Naomi Campbell, Luminato Festival, Toronto. 

Supported by The Canada Council for the Arts and the Halifax Professional Arts Grants Program.