Doorstep Recommends: The Offering

Sunday 16th June 11:00am, Torre Abbey Sands
Price: Free

Do Torbay’s seahorses really dance when they court? How do we learn about, and treasure more, the very special wildlife in Torbay’s seas? How do we then celebrate and give back to that natural world, and even explore new ways of protecting it?

Residents of Torbay have been working with artist Shelley Castle to co-create objects and garments as offerings to the sea – with talks about the marine life in our seas and what we can do to help the sea thrive.

On Sunday 16th June, a long procession will walk slowly through the streets of Torquay down onto Torre Abbey Sands – holding aloft an offering, and led by the wearer of the Torquay Day Cape, embellished with images of the wildlife in the sea and air and land around Torquay.

At the beach, we celebrate the wonders of local wildlife, particularly the seahorses that will be present out at sea.

Under the water’s surface, the two main seahorses present in the bay, the Short-Snouted and Spiney Seahorse, will be busy courting with a dance – a tango of sorts.

On the sand, dancers replicate this courtship dance – a choreographed tango. Sharing food, with talks and activities, the procession rests. The Offering is made to the sea – a hidden world that increasingly needs our attention and support.

Watch this film by our partners The Seahorse Trust to get a glimpse of these wonderful creatures.

Suitable for all ages.

No booking required. This is a free event to attend