Doorstep Recommends: The Archive of Missing Things

Wednesday 11th September 3:00pm
Thursday 12th September 11:00am
Friday 13th September 3:00pm
Saturday 14th September 2:00pm
Price: £7 & £5 concession

Taking place at Torquay Library, Lymington Road, Torquay TQ1 3DT.

Presented as part of the International Agatha Christie Festival (IACF) The Archive of Missing Things is both a performance and a game. Here’s how it works: you sit at a table in a library, with an iPad and a wireless headset, through which a recorded child’s voice guides you. Your screen is a portal into a vast record of objects that have been lost over time. You make your way through the online maze, seeking the dark secret at its centre. But you aren’t alone; there are clues all around you – a live performance is happening quietly in the library. Can you spot where? The library is open to regular patrons, anything could be a clue, but it could also just be ordinary life.

IACF is delighted to welcome from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the acclaimed Zuppa Theatre for this dynamic site-specific performance experience in the historic Torquay Library building. Zuppa Theatre are one of Canada’s leading artist-led contemporary theatre companies whose recent works have focused on “ambient drama” projects: experiments with spectatorship to enhance attentiveness to a place’s histories, possible futures and ghosts.

‘They are always smart, interesting and entertaining, and they always challenge the company and the audience to look at things differently, to feel something new, to imagine another reality.’ – Naomi Campbell, Luminato Festival, Toronto.