Doorstep Recommends: It’s Hot It’s Not

Thursday 24th October, Studio 31 (Hex), Dartington , Book Tickets
Friday 25th October
Saturday 26th October
Sunday 27th October

Why is it that sometimes I’m hot but you’re cold? Why are there puddles and sometimes not? How can it be sunny and rainy all at once and also not at all? And if it’s summer here, why is it winter there?

Reckless Sleepers is an extraordinary company who make work between visual art, dance and theatre. This surreal, funny and carefully crafted physical performance explores the weather in all its forms and takes delight in discovering the world anew and how we experience it differently, wherever we are.

A highly visual show with no spoken language and plenty of music and sound effects.

forty-five minutes of pure fun‘ Curious Mum

‘This is a 45-minute-long performance aimed at youngsters 2 to 5, though certainly not limited to that age group. A babe in arms next to me seemed captivated and accompanying adults were enjoying it too.’ British Theatre Guide
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It’s Hot It’s Not is a Unicorn production in association with Reckless Sleepers
Devised by Mole Wetherell, Kevin Egan, Tim Ingram, Leen Dewilde and Alex Covell
Performed by Leen Dewilde, Kevin Egan, Alex Covell, Mole Wetherell & Rachel Piekarczyk.
Made with the support of INTEATRO Creative Residency & Arts Council England Production
Photography by Camilla Greenwell
Cover Image by Charles Verraest