Doorstep Recommends: Intronauts

Friday 13th September, Studio 31 (Hex), Dartington Estate

In a not-too distant future, people can buy personal cleaners called Intronauts; miniaturised human workers injected into their bodies in order to carry out essential maintenance.

Tiny submarines travelling through the arteries…what could possibly go wrong?

Green Ginger’s new show will propel audiences into a madcap, microscopic journey deep within the human body. Taking its cue from classic sci-fi movies, and fuelled by absurd visual comedy and innovative puppetry, Intronauts offers an intoxicating inner body experience that is out of this world.

Join us for a trip that really gets under the skin…

Intronauts is aimed a grown-up teenagers and childish adults.

Over 40 years, Green Ginger has honed its craft in the creation of darkly comic shows that have a political heart, but do not preach; performance that can touch raw nerves and disturb minds, yet leave audiences satisfyingly entertained and nourished.

Age guidance 12+