Doorstep Recommends: A Marriage

Friday 24th May 6:00pm, Lupton House, Churston Ferrers, Book a Ticket

Broken Spectacles invite us into the kitchen preparations of Cupid’s wedding feast. Help to prepare the food, watch the story unfold and hear characters’ intimate thoughts on love. This classic European story is told through a mixture of languages, Indian and Western music, and food, to celebrate domestic culture and explore the nature of multi-cultural relationships. Integrating song, dance and clowning, it is a joyful show suitable for all ages.

During the feast we will sit together and share the food we have prepared, with an invitation to discuss our own understandings of love in its many forms, what it means to us and how we choose to experience love from this day forward.

With representatives from Torbay’s communities and the cast of Broken Spectacles (Saju Hari, Scarlet Sherriff, Helen Aldrich, Brian Hargreaves and Olly Lavery).

Hosted by Torbay Culture in association with Broken Spectacles.

Suitable for all ages, including families with young children.
During the wedding feast we will share curry and chapati. The food is vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free and will not contain allergens.

£8.00 Adults, £5.00 Children.