Torbay’s Bunker of Zion: Art Exhibition Call-Out

Sunday 31st July 10:00pm, Deadline 31st July 2022, Submit your work here
Price: Free


We want to celebrate the culture and ancestry of those in our South Devon Community and we need your help! 


In anticipation of the upcoming touring production of the ‘Bunker of Zion’ at Torre Abbey’s Spanish Barn in Torquay on 15th & 16th June 2022, we are asking members of the local community to submit an art piece for a digital and physical South Devon ‘Bunker of Culture’ art exhibition.


Imagine if outside of this bunker, culture is banned. If you could create a piece of artwork to take into the bunker and keep it safe (inspired by the brief below) what would it be?


We want you to submit an artistic response to one/all of the following:


 something that makes you feel connected to culture/art   something that makes you feel connected to YOUR heritage/ancestry/culture  to a story that has been passed down to you from your family/older generations


Your artistic response could be any kind of artistic or digital medium – (think writing/painting/drawing/sculpture/poetry/spoken word/ sound or music/ film or video/ digital art/ performance/dance etc).


We want you to consider your own ancestry, creativity and culture and what that means to you and your identity. The Bunker is a centre for joy and is a place where we can keep culture alive!


Artwork can be submitted here before the deadline on 31st July 2022 at 10pm:


It is free to submit your work and all participants that submit a piece of art will receive a complimentary code for £5 tickets to the Bunker of Zion performances.


About the show:


“The Bunker is a centre for joy, a space for hope, a meeting place. Inside, an underground collective of artists tell stories through live music, dance and song. Outside, this is forbidden.  

Scored by the Zimbabwe Mbira and Marimba instruments; Bunker of Zion is a defiant celebration of colour and culture in a hostile world. 

On your own, with a friend, or with your whole family! This theatre production is an opportunity for everyone to feel the energy of Zimbabwean culture and to enjoy an incredible experience together. Bunker of Zion is set to music that has been masterfully created using traditional Zimbabwe Mbira and Marimba instruments; expect joyful, bouncing rhythms and powerful songs.


Bunker of Zion has been developed with artists and communities nationally with the Collaborative Touring Network. People from Wigan, Torbay, Peterborough, Thanet, Medway, Gloucester, Scarborough and Leeds have shared their stories and talents to make this show. “


Book tickets here:


Please share this call-out with anyone who may be interested in submitting a piece of work and/or attending this exciting performance!