CLIMATE/CHANGE – 4 short plays in response to the Climate Crisis

Saturday 19th November 7:30pm, Artizan Gallery, Fleet Walk, Torquay, Find Out More
Price: £5

18th Nov 7.30pm @ Community Climate Centre, Plymouth

19th Nov 7.30pm @ Artizan Gallery, Fleet Walk, Torquay


The climate is changing.

Are we?

Ice sinks into the ocean. Forests burn. Cities flood. The predictions get worse and worse. The amount of carbon in the atmosphere gets larger and larger.

Protestors take to the streets. Conferences meet. Inventors create. Some things get better. Some things change.

People change too. All the time. For better or worse. Everything can change. Will Change. Is Changing.

Four brand new plays by Hattie Collins, Natasha Lay, Hugh Malyon and Tom Stockley that tackle the climate emergency head on. Inspired by conversations and communities around the Community Climate Centre in Plymouth and along the Torbay coast.

Down Stage Write CIC is a theatre company growing new plays in Devon and Cornwall. From workshops to performances we run events across the region. To find out more visit:

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