Celina and The Spider Storytime Sessions

Friday 30th April, Available until 30 August to watch at your convenience, Book a Ticket
Price: Pay What You Can

Join Anansi and Celina as they hatch a plot to have some fun…and change the world forever.

When Asae Ya the Earth Mother, Nyame the Sky God, and Brother Death come to Anansi the Spider with a problem, the trickster’s usual genius strikes. They pay a visit to their best friends, Celina the Moon Goddess and make a plan to help their elders – with a healthy dose of mischief!

This bite-sized family-friendly series is suitable for ages 5-11 and creatively explores mortality through handmade puppetry and mythical gods. Tickets are on a pay-what-you-can basis. One ticket gives you access to all three sessions, so you can watch them all in one go or plan some Easter activities for your little ones.

Note from Ella: This story is dedicated to my dear late friend Celina Oyat-Labanya, whose light and laughter we miss every day.

A HOME Commission.