Can I Live?

Monday 15th November, Digital Stream, Find Out More
Price: Pay What You Decide £1-150

Digital Stream – 15 – 21 Nov 2021

Join Fehinti Balogun on a journey into the world of environmental activism, as he tells the story of how, as a young Black British man, his path has been forever changed by what he’s learnt about our planet. Using original hip-hop and spoken word, Can I Live? is an energising and uplifting exploration of the place where the climate emergency and social justice meet, and a call-to-arms to anyone curious about what we can do to help.

“I’m going to explain what climate emergency means to us practically – right now – from the perspective of a young Black man living in London. I want us to feel seen. To me it is resistance. It is activism.” – Fehinti Balogun

A filmed performance by the world-renowned theatre company, Complicité. Created through Complicité’s Developed With programme; supporting the next generation of theatre makers.

Running time:
70mins (approx.)

Age guideline:

Contain some flashing images, some strong language, explores themes of racism, classism and describes some violence.