Environmental Theatre Commission!

Thursday 13th April


Callout for theatremakers, artists and producers making original performance work in Devon/The South West!


This callout is available as-


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Audio version (with transcription)


There is also a large print google doc/word version of the following information for download here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16WlH5fOa0M_9gdjKvr0gk-qFwIsH-DAmKcNtOx_qZGw/edit?usp=sharing


Please email amy@doorsteparts.co.uk for access to any of the files listed above, or for a word document of the google application form.


Apply here: https://forms.gle/EJLkSbzUeCfXgpPe7

If you would like to submit a video response to the form questions instead, please email this file to amy@doorsteparts.co.uk


Callout Information:


We are offering a maximum commission of £3000 to develop/redevelop and tour a relevant piece of environmental theatre and an accompanying workshop to 3 South Devon community locations across June – July 2023 . 


The only confirmed performance date so far is 2nd July 2023 at the project celebration carnival in Wembury. However, the piece must be adaptable to different community venues for the other 2 performances -that may not be traditional theatre spaces- such as community halls and schools.


 A company with an existing piece could potentially adapt their work to fit this brief and the story of the Life On The Edge.


Deadline for applications is 13th April at midday.


The  South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty team are in the development stage of a National Lottery Heritage Fund supported project, with our main partner Buglife, called Life on the Edge. Doorstep Arts are our Cultural partner and will be managing this strand of the project.


LOTE Website: www.southdevonaonb.org.uk/projects/life-on-the-edge/


The project aims to restore wildflower rich coastal grasslands along the South Devon coast to provide habitat for 26 rare and endangered invertebrates, as well as provide benefits for many more. As part of the arts engagement strand of this project, we are looking to commission a small theatre tour to help engage and educate local young people and families in the South Devon Coast environment and our local endangered species.


To apply you will need to complete the Application Form by the deadline – 13th April, at midday.


Please ensure you have read our Programming Principles and contextual information below before applying, it will give you an idea of the kind of work we’re both interested and experienced in supporting! Please email amy@doorsteparts.co.uk if you have any questions.


Further project Information:


We are working with farmers, landowners, residents and parishes to carry out practical landscape conservation projects of varying scales to improve the wildflower cover, as well as engaging the communities across the whole of the AONB to get involved and learn more about the wildflower meadows and these important invertebrates – which includes the rarest bee in Britain, only found at Prawle Point. If we don’t do anything to help increase habitat cover, nesting sites and forage area, it is thought this bee will be extinct within the next 5 years.


This habitat is under threat due to coastal squeeze from changes in farming practice and development from the landward side, and coastal erosion on the seaward side. We have 5 hotspots where we are focusing  larger scale landscape improvements. These have been identified as important insect areas and important plant areas for coastal species.


They are:


* Wembury on the west side of the AONB

* Either side of the mouth of Erme estuary

* Bolt Head to Bolt Tail (roughly Salcombe to Hope cove)

* Prawle Point to Start Point

* Brownstone ( near Kingswear) to Berry Head

Programming Principles:


It should inspire and educate


The individuals or organisations we programme must be keen to engage with our audiences beyond just performing. This may be through a formal engagement or outreach offer or just the generous willingness to have a chat with them after the show.


We look for work that doesn’t shy away from asking difficult questions of our audiences, but it absolutely needs to support them through the process of doing so. While we absolutely want to work to challenge our audiences it’s important that we look after them too.


We usually programme work that doesn’t require a robust technical infrastructure. While we sometimes do platform work in traditional theatre spaces, much of our work is done at doorstep sites such as community halls or schools, which often have little availability for long get-ins, and little or no technical infrastructure.





ID: The bg is a blue honeycomb, a white strip at the bottom contains ‘Life On The Edge’ & ‘Doorstep Arts’ logos. ‘AONB’ logo above has a bee buzzing away.  Image reads- Environmental themed theatre commissions £3000 to develop or redevelop a show to tour x3 dates in south devon, life on the edge, doorstep arts, south devon area of outstanding natural beauty.