23 Mar 2022

West End Matilda Workshops – Phil Bartlett & Marc Antolin

Post written by Polly Ferguson
Did you know our DAS groups have had the pleasure of having a Q&A with the touring director for Matilda, the one and only Phil Bartlett via zoom?

We also had the pleasure of Marc Antolin leading a fantastic ‘Matilda’ dance and character workshop with all of our DAS groups, both in preparation for our show Matilda on the 30th July and 31st July!
Our groups had the chance to ask Phil all the questions they could possibly think of such as; What it’s like being a director? Where do you train?
What is it was like working on such a well-known show? How did you make the show your own? Who was the naughtiest on set? And what was his favourite scene?
Marc was in the West End production of Matilda and shared the choreography from one of our all-time favourite songs ‘Revolting Children’.
Thank you Marc for being a fantastic teacher to our DAS groups and thank you Phil for sharing all of your brilliant expertise.
DAS has been given insight into a WestEnd show and we hope they can bring a snippet of that to our performance in a few months!
We are now another step closer to performing the well known loved show ‘Matilda Jr’ at The Palace Theatre on 30th & 31st July. Tickets will be on sale soon!