08 Jun 2017

Studio Course Update: We Are Back!

Post written by: Polly Ferguson, DAS Lead Artist

We are back and Milky White is on the move!

DAS pic 4

The first week back after half term is always tough. Children are tired and getting back into the swing of things, however with that said, the DAS groups have done a brilliant job.

The junior DAS group worked really well together. I set them the task to create a story about Milky White (the cow from Into the Woods).

milky white polly blog.png
Good old Milky White

What does she do if she’s not with her friend Jack? Does she like to go to certain places in the woods, does she get up to any mischief, does she dance? I set them this task and they created extremely comical scenes.

DAS pic 3

We used Harriet, our wonderful pianist to set the atmosphere and the children presented their work to one another.

DAS pix 2.png

Lots of comedy gold was made, children were listening to each other, offering ideas, being respectful and most importantly laughing. It’s workshops like these that remind me as a practitioner that children have wonderful ideas. It’s our job to nurture and encourage them. Allow them the freedom to explore their imaginations and work with children they wouldn’t usually.

DAS pic 5.png
Nurture always.

I can’t wait to see what they devise for next week’s workshop.