23 Mar 2024

Touring Shows: A ‘Talking Turns’ Collaboration with University of Exeter Applied Drama

Post written by: Erin Walcon

The team here at Doorstep have been working in collaboration on a 2-year project called Talking Turns, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This project is a partnership between Daisi (Devon Arts in Schools Initiative), the Riviera Education Trust, and Sound Communities. Over two academic years, we are working deeply with teachers at a variety of regional Torbay-area schools to support children’s oracy in the classroom using arts-based methods, primarily drama.

Whilst the majority of this work is taking place via deep, long-term partnerships between teachers and artists co-delivering in classroom settings, the project also includes opportunities for special commissions or other approaches. One special collaboration which has developed within this project is the development of two new original touring shows created by emerging companies from the University of Exeter Applied Drama programme.

This last week, two new performance pieces performed in regional schools for assembly audiences for the first time. These performances were developed from a brief linked to the Talking Turns project. The first tour dates have been offered to these partner schools, alongside accompanying drama workshops supporting oracy for the children who have watched the show.

Details about the show below:


The Perfect Plant

Haytor View Primary, Thursday 21 March

On Thursday 21 March, Oddsocks Theatre toured their performance of The Perfect Plant to Year 1 and Reception classes at Haytor View Primary School in Newton Abbot. This show was accompanied by two follow-on drama workshops where children created their own imaginary worlds based on Plantasia, the fantastical world in the show. They also helped Dr Greenfingers solve his problems, learned what a plant needs to grow from a seed, and created their own physical theatre sequences. The show follows the dilemma of Dr Greenfingers, a plant scientist who is working alone in his lab, trying to grow the perfect plant. After an explosion in the lab, he finds himself in the fanastical land of Plantasia, where he meets an unlikely brigade of friends. Together, can they solve the solution to growing the perfect plant?


The Adventure of the Missing Sprout

Oldway Primary School, 20 March 2024

On Wednesday 20 March 2024, Beanbag Theatre toured their production The Adventure of the Missing Sprout to Oldway Primary School in Paignton. The performance was created specifically for the Reception classes, and was also enjoyed by children from the Nursery provision at Oldway. Three follow-on workshops took place with the Reception students, where they learned the Superhero dance from the show, flew on magic carpets, became magic rocks, and ate pretend fruits. The performance takes place on the day of the Fruit Bowl Festival, where Sammy the Sprout has suddenly gone missing, just as he was up for the top award. Will Annie the Apple and Carl the Clever Carrot solve the mystery? And what are those strange noises coming from the bin?