27 Mar 2023

Theatre for Young Audiences

I’ve seen a few theatre performances for younger audiences over the last couple of months and in honour of Seize The Day which aims to shine a light on drama and theatre in schools and theatre for young audiences more generally I’m going to tell you a bit about them. The 2023 Incubator Showcase returned this year after a 4-year hiatus. It was glorious to spend 1.5 days immersed in an actual theatre for young audiences, The Egg, and to remind ourselves that beautiful, ambitious theatre for young people is being made and shared in the South West, after what feel like recent brutal cuts to the ACE National Portfolio.

A particular favourite was Little Bulb Theatre‘s scratch sharing of ‘The Four Seasons’ which beautifully weaves a year in nature with classical music alongside a Doorstep favourite of using everyday objects to create beautiful props and characters. Vic Llewelyn (who has performed for Torbay audiences a few times over the last 10 years) gave an energetic and hilarious performance as a dog, among other characters and I can’t wait to see how the show develops!

I was lucky enough to see Sitting in the Grey by Beyond Face when it was presented to a group of educators in Plymouth in February. Ashlee, a teenager, is confused by the city they have grown up in, as well as the attitudes of their peers. This is a story that follows Ashlee as they attend their first protest for Climate Justice. Sitting in the Grey focuses on the importance of listening and active conversation amongst young people and adults, especially as we all try to navigate life’s in-betweens and uncertainties.
Identity, racism and climate consciousness are the overarching themes which give us a glimpse into the concerns of young people coming of age in 2023.
This is work which comes from youth, has been shaped by young perspectives and is for young people.
This Theatre in Education piece will be available for touring into schools over the next 12-18 months.


Mair George, Co-Producer

Photograph by Dom Moore