30 Jun 2024

The Odyssey

On 30 June 2024, Doorstep Youth Theatre performed an adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey at Lupton House.

DYT member Philip summarised the piece as ‘a fun, light hearted romp that pays homage to the Homeric works.’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

From Ithaca, to Troy, Phaecia, Sparta and back again, we explored the return journey of Classic hero Odysseus.

DYT member Barney said ‘we put our own spin on the traditional Greek play, instead opting for a energetic, entertaining experience.’

The show included traditional greek elements such as the chorus, with modernised humour, with one audience member noting that they weren’t expecting to be so entertained by an old story.

DYT member Alice said ‘the play is relatively small for the size of the poem, but it contains alot of information and acts as a great introduction to Greek mythology.’

The show was accompanied by an original score composed by DYT Alumni Tilly Croose, and  Doorstep’s all female tech team, Rebekah Daws, Flora Melville and Erin Walcon, whose lighting guided our company through the winding narrative.

DYT member Miri said ‘the scenery of Lupton House set the mood for a trip back in time, helping us all get in to character and prepare for the show.’

DYT will now wrap for the Summer holidays, back for a brand new term, and ambitious project, in September 2024.