07 Aug 2020

Take to the Streets: Buzzy Bees

Post written by: Erin Walcon

It often strikes me that often the simplest ideas are the best ones.


As summer heat sizzles and many people are still stuck at home for quite a few days of the week, we have been taking to the streets over three weeks in July and August.

We began as bees.

Inspired by the bumblebees that are dancing their way around our neighbourhoods looking for nectar, we made a dance-tastic playlist, popped our portable speaker into a bike basket, put on some festive dungarees and wings and hit the road.

We have had expert help.

Torbay Community Development Trust has been a community rock and safety net throughout the Covid19 crisis, and their tireless work continues. They have staffed the community helpline, fielding thousands of phone calls, set up volunteer systems to support people in need, and provided essential support for vulnerable people across Torbay. You can support their continued (and essential) efforts here. TCDT community builders Vic, Nina and Tara joined us across our bee-dancing adventures in Brixham, Paignton and Torquay, and it was a joy to do this in partnership with them.

Making time to connect with people during this difficult time many people are still facing is urgent and important work. Whilst tourists flock here to Torbay this August, and the heatwave continues, many children, local families and older people are facing daily difficult realities. Isolation is one of these. Boredom another.

Human connection is important. So is laughter.

We had expert dance help too. Amy, our Assistant Director for the Protest & Rebellion Project joined in, as well as Hollie, Verity, Grimsey and Aaron from Doorstep Youth Theatre.