Wednesday DAS Seniors

Wednesdays 7.15-8.30pm
Arena Studio, Palace Theatre, Paignton
Price: 70

Doorstep Arts Studio Courses are termly courses to support children & young people to develop performance skills, including acting, singing, dance, and music. Each term runs for 10 weeks, finishing with a special performance in week 11. These courses are all taught at the Palace Theatre in Paignton. The cost is £70/ TERM (must be paid in advance). Depending on group size, new participants can sometimes be admitted at the half-term break.

The Wed senior group is a transition group for young people moving from junior to senior level – it is specifically tailored for young people aged 11-14, and teaches key senior-level skills. It is an ideal foundation course for the most advanced DAS course.

All DAS courses are led by Doorstep Lead Artist Polly Ferguson.